Houston Pizza

At Houston Pizza, we serve up REAL. GOOD. FOOD. Just the way you crave it.
A key Kolitsas brothers philosophy was that whatever went on the menu had to taste good. Well if customer loyalty is any indication, they surely succeeded.
What’s more, the brothers made sure that their business philosophy would hold true to these key fundamentals:

  • put quality over price at any cost

  • prioritize affordability and value

  • focus on flavour

  • provide a comfortable, warm, family atmosphere

  • appreciate customers

  • use the freshest and highest quality ingredients

And the tradition continues today. Under the leadership of a new generation of the Kolitsas family, Houston Pizza continues to serve up consistently REAL. GOOD. FOOD. Popular as ever, there are 11 Houston Pizza outlets in 6 communities across the prairies and beyond.


The Freshest and Highest Quality Ingredients Guaranteed!


Create Your Own 

All our sauces are made from scratch from only the finest ingredients available. Choose your noodle then choose your sauce! All "Create Your Own" pasta served with garlic toast. Order Now!


Baked Lasagna

Who doesn't love lasagna? It is one of the perfect comfort foods that life has to offer. You know you want to try ours, baked with our hearty meat sauce and mozzarella. Order Now!


Taco Pizza

Taco seasoned ground beef, chopped onions, and black olives. Served with chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and sour cream. Available in 10" only. Order Now!